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I specialize in creating customized - motivational - systems that will improve your innate ability to drive change and achieve long standing goals in your life or organization. The smallest shift can bring about the biggest results.

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Talent Development Architect - Since 2009, Drive Influence LLC has helped companies, teams, and individuals unleash their potential to maximize their influence. Drive Influence provides cutting edge consulting, coaching, and training that elevates the performance of all.

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Author - In 2015 Melerick released Kinetic Life. This ground-breaking book will guide you through 7 essential steps to unleashing your potential. Written as a parable, Kinetic Life leads you to a life that is bursting with passion, purpose and direction.

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Innovator, Mel introduced Leadership 365, a premier online training location for developing your leadership and influence skills. The content is proven to develop the critical leadership and decision making skills required to drive change.

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Melerick “Mel” Mitchell believes that we all have both the power and the obligation to influence the world for the better. Melerick focuses on helping companies, teams and individuals build powerful identities that will change the world. Melerick offers a unique blend of executive coaching experience, global team building, along with deep knowledge of the technology that's driving today's businesses.